Anti-rob Wallet & Card

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A sleek designed wallet with a hidden functionality to emit a deafening sound to distract robbers after the crime is committed, enjoy both a great design and the calm of knowing no robber is going to get your wallet and not be behind bars right after.


The wallet and credit card decoy are sold separately but work together, The wallet has a function to pair with your phone or other device of your selection and work as a localizer, meanwhile you can program the wallet to emit a very high-pitched sound to notify that the card/wallet has been robbed, and it also sends a signal to your phone and a maximum of 5 contacts of your choice, there is a selection of designs for each element, and they vary in price slightly because of that reason, we want to make them look realistic enough to appear like the real thing without sacrificing their functionality.



2 valoraciones en Anti-rob Wallet & Card

  1. Àlex Jorba

    Whoa, this wallet is straight out of a spy movie! 😲💼 With its sleek design and hidden feature, it’s a game-changer in personal security. Who wouldn’t want a wallet that emits a deafening sound to distract robbers after a crime? 🕵️‍♂️🔊 It’s like having your own secret weapon in your pocket! Definitely a must-have for anyone concerned about safety in today’s world. 🔒🌎

  2. Arnau G

    So, I’m minding my own business, checking out wallets, right? This one, it’s sleek, it’s stylish, got me hooked. But get this, it’s not just a wallet. Oh no, it’s got a secret weapon! A hidden function that blasts out this deafening sound! Can you believe it? Talk about a game-changer! 👛💥 Now, even if trouble comes knocking, I’m ready to turn the tables. Innovation at its finest! Five stars, no doubt! 🌟🎉

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